All of our projects are part of an ecosystem that aims to transform the way investors invest and connect in DeFi.


We're working to create the finest cryptocurrency social network for investors. It's not just a simple social network, as many people believe. We are not simply another social media platform. We are an investor-friendly network with tools that most investors require.
We're working on features that we'd like to use ourselves.


It is because of Contracto.org that we can state we are unlike any other social network out there. No other social media platform inspects or evaluates projects that bring together investors. There is no control, zero, null!
We must rely on Contracto to help Dappsy prosper as a social network. Dappsy's auditing service, Contracto, makes use of both artificial and human intelligence.


Most ventures that begin, particularly in the bsc/eth chains, have a high rate of investors' funds being stolen. There are several launchpads that strive to protect investors by locking team/investor funds, but there are still a lot of rugs/scams.
We've taken the initiative and are planning our own launchpad, which we're calling FuelPad. FuelPad has its own currency, known as "GAS." We're planning the launchpad with basic and advanced smart contracts, as well as unique mechanics that will increase investment protection. All projects that use our launchpad have access to our auditing services as well as the chance to obtain the verified badge on Dappsy.
Last modified 1yr ago