Smart Contract Audits using Human & Artificial Intelligence. Contracto.org considers all security measures in order to give investors better and more secure investing options.


Everything is going in the wrong direction. It's all happening out of your control, and no one can be trusted. Individuals are demonstrating on a daily basis that laws are required to repair this environment, despite the fact that decentralization was intended to eliminate third-party intermediaries between transactions.
Over 80,000 cryptocurrency scams were reported just last year.
Over a nine-month period, from October 2020 to June 2021, investors lost $9 million per day. It's a disaster, because most investors are afraid to invest, and even more fall into traps in order to maximize their return on investment.
More people are getting involved in the cryptocurrency industry, but they are falling into traps. We could have avoided these pitfalls if we had all worked together.
As those who work in this industry on a regular basis, it is our responsibility to inform newcomers about the dangers that exist in this environment. It's gotten to the point where cryptocurrency investors are coming up with new animal names. Honeypots are widely advertised on so-called legitimate websites that we frequently visit.
Binance Smart Chain appears to most of us to be a zoo.
Projects that reach a market capitalization of $100 million without even having a basic idea of what they want to build.
It is no longer considered innovative to create the next NFT marketplace or decentralized exchange. Wearing a suit and tie and strutting in front of a laptop isn't exactly professional, especially since the vast majority have bad intentions.
Someone who invests in your idea is putting their faith in you. Their hard-earned money is on the line; they worked hard for it, and no one has the authority to take it away from them.
To distinguish between a rug and a good idea, most investors rely on their own research. Good projects have been difficult to spot recently. Most investors make an investment and then write it off as a loss. That's how bad the ratio between a good project and a rug is.
This, however, does not have to be the case.No, not until we've all taken action.
Don't get us wrong: we're not anti-animal tokens.
Animal tokens with no use case, no track record, no background in what they claim to be doing, and no insurance other than the rewards/reflections they have to give you are not acceptable to us.


Smart Contract Audits using Human & Artificial Intelligence
To be able to recognize rugs and scams, one must conduct extensive research. It's not just the smart contract check that gives you peace of mind.
Scammers have become increasingly sophisticated, and they have been able to evade reputable audits in order to steal investors. It's actually one of the first things most teams do to appear safe to investors.
Most projects start with an audit to convince investors of their intentions, then ramp up the promotions to reach as many investors as possible. They are able to steal the funds and flee as more and more investors join in. This is essentially what is going on around chains right now.
Most investors look for clues everywhere, try to talk to teams, and research the smart contract using scanners that only show the mechanics of the contract, not what the developers can do with it.
Consider the following scenario:
Contract renouncement is extremely popular, and most investors believe it is the best way to demonstrate that a team will not steal funds.
On the other hand, some groups fabricate a renouncement in order to fool investors.
In this case, the best course of action is to determine whether the project's contract needs to be renounced. Not all projects must, because the smart contract may require changes in the future, and the project may fail as a result.
Investors should be aware of this, as a project will not be able to grow if the smart contract cannot be controlled. Tokenomics by themselves make it difficult to expand if they need to be changed later.
Contracto.org has taken the first step in educating investors and assisting them in identifying good projects.
We are delivering a scanner to help investors even more, in addition to our own research with our team on Contracto.org Panel.
We've seen that most short-term investors look for the wrong things in our own experience.
Every day, there have been discussions about liquidity lock or massive marketing.
No one has asked about smart contract mechanics, why we haven't renounced, what is our vision, or how we will assist investors.
Most people appear to be only interested in the charts, and no one appears to be looking for a good project to invest in. A project that is extremely beneficial to them in their investment efforts.

What is Contracto.org's role in assisting investors?

In this journey, Contracto.org is powered by the Dappsy and RugFreeCoins teams, as well as independent researchers.
Our mission is to make it easier for investors to spot rugs and scams while focusing on good projects.
Because of the mania of short-term investors fueling useless projects only to grow their investment, great usecase projects are having difficulty getting funded. Among these types of investors, 99% have lost money in some way.
Either buying at all-time highs or falling for scams and rugs. Most people aren't trained to spot smart contract mechanics, so we'll see better results in this section if we use Contracto.org features.

Contracto.org Community Panel

Most investors require assistance in researching projects or lack the necessary education to delve into the details of a project.
It's pain to follow BSCScan tx and transactions, and most people have trouble focusing in the right direction. Other investors try to ask questions in groups, but most of the time they don't get responses, or the project teams aren't completely honest about their intentions.
Other members have classified this as FUD, and the investor has been banned from the Telegram/Discord Group and other communication channels as a result.
Investors are entitled to answers to their questions, regardless of how busy the teams are. If a project requires funding, it must also educate its investors on all aspects of the project, including transfers, wallets, and any other concerns they may have. Finally, it is the money of the investors that is used to fund the project.
In other cases, investors may have discovered critical information about a project but have been forbidden from communicating with other investors in the Telegram group.
In this way, the Contracto.org Community Panel gives voice to these concerns, and we help to spread the word so that more new investors are protected.
Moderators on the community panel are always looking for new projects that the community needs research, and members have the opportunity to share their experiences with everyone.
We have a better chance of spotting rugs and scams because we have multiple third parties in this community.

Contracto.org Smart Contract Scanner

RugFreeCoins, one of our partners, is working with us on a unique rug scanner.
This scanner can help investors in a variety of ways. The characteristics are crucial for what we believe to be the most effective techniques for detecting rugs and scams.
Contracto.org Scanner Intelligence
The following are some of the features of our scanner:
  • Token details such as token name, supply, contract address, symbol, and any other information.
  • Liquidity locked/unlocked
  • Renounced/not renounced ownership
  • Mint function detection
  • Dev wallets
  • Buy/Sell Tax Detection
  • Honeypot Detection
  • Token price impact
  • Top 5 wallets
  • All owner authorized functions
  • All suspicious functions
  • BSC KYC information
Furthermore, token pages and risk labels are managed manually, giving our team the authority to rank any smart contract function as good or bad.

Contracto.org Audits

We've seen how many tokens have been audited, and some of them have disappointed investors. Some were hacked, while others chose to soft-rug the project.
Many reputable firms are working hard to assist investors in making sound decisions, but an audit does not necessarily imply that a project is risk-free. Most auditing firms merely scan smart contracts for security, which does not imply that a project is safe to invest in simply because its smart contract is secure.
It takes a lot more investigation than that.

Our research

We don't rely solely on smart contract security at Contracto.org. RugFreeCoins, our partner, actually performs security audits on our clients smart contracts.
Our job entails investigating everything there is to know about a project, including wallet transfers, what happens with developer wallets, how strong the project's usecase is, and how strong and good the team behind the project is, among other things.
Furthermore, we will not label any project as safe until we have obtained KYC documents from the team, as well as information on who is holding the wallets. Several authorities will examine these documents to determine whether they are fake or real.
We've look into every aspect of the project and aren't satisfied with just a smart contract check. Meanwhile, we handle audits as requests from our community on the Contracto.org Community Panel, where we conduct the same research as we do on audit requests from teams.
Our investors benefit the most when we conduct advanced research. As a result, our ecosystem is safer, and we have more opportunities to grow real projects that deserve investors' attention.

Contracto.org Badges

We also give out certificates to projects that pass our audits. There is a badge that distinguishes each of these certificates.
We currently have three badges available for teams to choose from:
Contracto.org Badges
Our research, as well as the smart contract audit, is based on these three badges. However, we offer different packages for teams that want to pass our audit for each badge.
These badges differ from one another, and the following information outlines the type of audit we conducted on each.
Silver Badge Audit:
  • Smart Contract Security Check
  • Use Case Research
  • Website & Whitepaper Research
  • Roadmap Check
  • Team Check
  • Shareholders Check
  • Advanced General Research
Gold Badge Audit
  • Smart Contract Security Check
  • Use Case Research
  • Website & Whitepaper Research
  • Roadmap Check
  • Team Check
  • Shareholders Check
  • Advanced General Research
  • Team KYC Information (To Contracto.org Team)
  • Team Background Research
Diamond Badge Audit
  • Smart Contract Security Check
  • Use Case Research
  • Website & Whitepaper Research
  • Roadmap Check
  • Team Check
  • Shareholders Check
  • Advanced General Research
  • Team KYC Information (To Contracto.org Team)
  • Team Background Research
  • FREE Promotion by our Partners*
*Promotion is set to run for a custom period of time.

Audit Report Criteria

  • Website
  • Whitepaper
  • Background of the project
  • Roadmap
  • Tokenomics
  • The core concept
  • Target market
  • Potential to grow with score points
  • Contract details
  • Top token holders
  • Token distribution
  • Contract interaction details
  • Contract code function details
  • Security issue checking status
  • Issues found and impact.
  • Owner privileges
  • Audit conclusion
  • Liquidity lock details.
  • KYC Documents of Team Members*
  • Availability for a Zoom Video Call*
*Available in Gold & Diamond Audits.

Audits: For projects that have not yet been launched.

Step 1: We test the contract first in the Testnet and our local environment to make sure everything's functioning as intended, and let the client know if we'd notice any issue with our recommendations to get them fixed.
Step 2: If we would notice any functions that the owner has more privileges to manipulate in the contract, we would advise the client to get them changed.
Step 3: If there are any reasonable reasons for having those functions, we would ask the client to dox themselves to us through a verification process of sending passport copies, live video calls, and other verification steps.
If the client could pass us that information, we would put those functions under the informational section in the report.
If the client fails to dox themselves to us, we would put those functions under the high-risk section in the report.
Even though everything's passed, there can be instances we put those functions under the high-risk section for various reasons. We may change the status after two days from launch by doing some security checks.
Step 4: Once everything's sorted and fixed, we would ask the client to deploy the contract to the Mainnet and send us the link to complete the manual and automated audit tests under the Contracto.org audit criteria.
Step 5: We will also do a project market research and project market feasibility study under criteria by allocating points to evaluate the potential to grow.
Step 6: If everything's in order, we would publish the report in Github and the audited section of our platform with low-risk/safe level status. If there are any high-risk functions, we set the status into DYOR, and we won't assure or take any responsibility for investments.
Please note that even though the audit security checks are passed and the project is with a perfect use case, the DeFi projects can surprise you at any time, and you may lose your money. Please always Do Your Own Research and invest money you can afford to lose.

Audits: For projects that have that have launched.

Step 1: Contracto.org will run manual and automated audit tests under the Contracto.org audit criteria. We check every single code line by line in the audit process and mention in the report with impact and our recommendations.
Step 2: We will also do a project market research and project market feasibility study under criteria by allocating points to evaluate the potential to grow.
Step 3: If everything's in order, we will publish the report in Github and the audited section of our platform with low-risk/safe level status. If there are any high-risk functions, we set the status into DYOR, and we won't assure or take any responsibility for investments. We consider the liquidity lock period and details before deciding the risk level status.

LOCK Token as a currency

The LOCK Token is the primary currency of Contracto.org's utilities, which are included in the scanner.
We designed Contracto.org to have its own currency to avoid premium subscriptions and fees that only benefit the team. Because we are a decentralized auditing service that includes our community in our research, the scanner will benefit all investors. The scanner's main currency is the LOCK Token, which is fully tied to it.
If you don't hold any LOCK tokens, you won't be able to use the scanner.
To use the smart contract scanner, you must have a total of 100,000 LOCK Tokens in your possession. According to the LOCK BSCScan holders ranking, the scanner can currently be used by the top 500 holders.
At this time, the total value of 100,000 LOCK Tokens is 16$.
There are no fees, so all you have to do to use Contracto.org Smart Contract Scanner is hold 100,000 LOCK tokens.
The marketing wallet, which is funded by holder transactions, covers the costs of scanning Smart Contracts.
This means that holders have the same right to this product as the team. It is not fair to holders to offer a free product to everyone when its actually funded by holders only.

LOCK Tokenomics

Circulating Supply

Tokenomics Tax (Temporary)

Liquidity Pool
Marketing Wallet
Dappsy Liquidity Pool
Our Marketing Wallet: 0x35b2acb2004c8ae2ecce6aacc8ecc378a1076125
This transactional tax is most beneficial to project stability. As Contracto is a component of Dappsy, a crypto social network suited for all crypto groups, 1% is provided to Dappsy Liquidity Pool from the marketing wallet. These transactions are done manually by the team.

Limits on transactions and wallets

Both transactions and wallet holdings are currently limited.
No transaction can be larger than 1% of total supply, and no wallet can contain more than 1% of total supply.
These are the current figures:
Transaction (Buy/Sell/Transfer)
1% (or 10,000,000 LOCK)
Wallet Holdings
1% (or 10,000,000 LOCK)
Any transfers or holdings in excess of these amounts will fail. Please make a note of these numbers for future transactions.

Team Wallets

Contracto.org is run by four members of the Dappsy team, and these are their wallets:
Team Wallets
LOCK Initial Holdings
Wallet 0x35b2acb2004c8ae2ecce6aacc8ecc378a1076125 is also the Fee Wallet being managed by the team.
Our team also gave our partners a number of tokens. This amount of tokens was not locked, and it is now in the hands of our partners as a reward for our continued collaboration in future audits. Meanwhile, we were and continue to be featured in their promoted spots/banner advertisements.
Our partners:
Contracto.org Partners
  • RugFreeCoins.com
  • CoinVote.cc
  • CoinHunt.cc
  • CoinAlpha.app
  • CoinsGods.com
Partner Wallets:
Partner Wallet
LOCK Initial Holdings
Our partners want to bring and present us as an auditing service, in addition to promoting us on their platforms. We've put together a document as a group that offers revenue share to our partners for every auditing request they refer to us.
Our partners are fighting rugs and scams alongside us, and we appreciate all of their support for Contracto.org.

Business Landscape

StaySafu is a defi scanner that scans smart contracts and is used by investors. It's a useful scanner for detecting smart contract mechanics, but it's missing a few features that investors want, such as developer wallets and mechanics data information.
Bscheck is a useful tool for detecting most smart contract issues, as well as determining whether or not the project is risky. It can detect honeypots and perform a variety of other tasks. Unfortunately, it doesn't always detect dev wallets or how much tokens they hold.
MoonArch is a fantastic tool that our team uses to identify risky smart contract mechanics. This is a great tool for experienced investors who can understand and read smart contracts, but it is not as useful for new investors.
Contracto.org Advantage
Lock/Unlocked LP Check
Token Data
Honeypot Checker
Liquidity locked/unlocked
Smart Contract Mechanics
Renounced/not renounced ownership
Contract Owner Checker
Mint function detection
Top Holders Info
Dev wallets
Risk Level
Buy/Sell Tax Detection
Buy/Sell Tax Detection
Honeypot Detection
Token price impact
Top 5 wallets
All owner authorized functions
All suspicious functions
BSC KYC information
Real-Time Smart Contract Scanner
Manual Risk Labeling
Token Listings
All of these features place our investors at the start of each project. Our smart contract scanner pulls all new tokens and scans them, then lists them based on the smart contract security safety. All investors can search for tokens launched today, this week, or this month, among other things.
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