As a friendly social network for cryptocurrency investors, Dappsy is looking to connect crypto communities all in one platform.


As of 2021, there will be 4.48 billion users using social media. In 2021, how many investors will be using social media?!
We don't know, and we can't trace down the majority of them.
Essentially, social networks are designed to serve other goals, such as everyday activities and business prospects.
We're all aware of how centralised social networks have become, and investors are always looking for fresh ways to uncover interesting startups and ideas, and these social networks are not one of them.
When it comes to cryptocurrency, most social networks offer little to no integration to safeguard or advise investors.
Because of laws and data management, cryptocurrency adoption has always been a challenge. Most social networks make a lot of money off of your data, which you have little to no control over.
Second, you have no safeguards in place to protect your money. Everything is dependent on your own research, and if you don't conduct your research properly, you're basically losing money. What we're discussing here is simply a small part of what's going on. When we look at the smaller chains, we discovered that there are more and more problems with investors who rely on their own research or follow hype to invest. Most communities are driven by influencers who have no knowledge who is behind projects or how safe these projects are.
In Reddit, just a few mods manage a massive number of subs. These moderators decide what is good and wrong for everyone. There is little to no verification that what they allow on Reddit is safe or not. Investors' experiences indicate that Reddit is untrustworthy.
Most Twitter influencers charge exorbitant fees to promote your idea through their networks. These costs are rising on a daily basis, indicating that there is a high demand for their services. There are presently over 100.000 projects to pick from, but there is little to no information on who is behind them, or if their team is experienced enough to produce something.
We're not discussing Bitcoin or Ethereum here. Scams and rugs abound in the sub chains, and the environment is a disaster.
Facebook, on the other hand, has stringent standards in place surrounding its advertising platform. No crypto project is permitted to promote itself unless it provides a compelling rationale, as well as corporate registration documents, demonstrating that the initiative is legitimate.
So far, so good, but what about the groups who have thousands of fresh investors looking for the next big thing?
The majority of these groups' moderators charge a fee and are willing to promote a project without performing any study on it.
There are no rules.
Most people advise to DYOR, but we have another alternative.
There are several prospects in this project, but we must first collect investors and establish a more stable and secure atmosphere for everybody.


Our mission is straightforward. Adapt to decentralisation while still constructing a secure platform for all crypto groups. We have a long road ahead of us, full of obstacles and hard work to accomplish, but our vision remains clear: "Protect the core of the system, the average investor seeking for new methods to generate a secure income."
Most of the time, our average investor won't rely only on DYOR.
This is why we have "Mission Contracto.org" in place. Contracto.org is the official website of Dappsy Team audits.
These audits are not basic smart contract code checks, but rather a more comprehensive kind of auditing in which most projects have to pass our security checks before being certified by Contracto and receiving the verified tick on Dappsy.
All projects that pass this audit must provide sufficient information to our staff in order to receive higher audit scores.
The highest grade is given to any project when the team behind it is trustworthy, has been doxed to our team, and has sufficient experience to create the product.

What role does Dappsy play as a platform for DeFi?

We offer value to both investors and projects with all of the features we are working on. Creating a platform that readily connects the two in a safe and acceptable setting for continued development.

These are the opportunities that projects will have if they join Dappsy:

  • Verified project currencies can be added to our swapping exchange.
  • Verified projects will be awarded a verified tick.
  • Verified projects can receive funding from FuelPad.
  • Audiences and investors from all over the world. Investors looking to invest into projects that are both serious and reliable.
  • A fantastic platform for quickly connecting with investors.

On the other hand, we have considered the following to provide the greatest possible experience for our investors:

  • Find new and reliable projects.
  • Join a community of new and experienced investors looking for the greatest investment opportunities.
  • Swapping exchange for all projects listed and beyond using APP.
  • Communicate quickly with other investors regarding new projects.
  • You already benefit from Contracto and FuelPad if you own APP.
  • The ability to communicate with the community anonymously.
  • Excellent articles and courses to get started with cryptocurrencies.
  • Participate in the funding of new projects.
  • Use FuelPad to create your own project and become a part of Dappsy community.
  • Sponsor/Promote your own projects using APP.
As a social network for investors, we're working on a number of features that will make it easier for users to interact with the platform. Most social networks have these elements, which most investors are aware of or use on a daily basis.

Ours are as follows:

  1. 1.
    Anonymous posts
  2. 2.
    Audio Posts & Comments
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    Followers System
  5. 5.
    User Profiles
  6. 6.
    Hashs (Hashtags)
  7. 7.
    Report Content
  8. 8.
  9. 9.
    Chat System
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
    Fiat to Crypto

Market Overview

Through our last research, we discovered the audiences of the most popular social networks for cryptocurrency users. The total number of viewers expected across all major networks is estimated to be over 382 million.
To summarise, we have a target audience of 382 million people who have a broad interest in cryptocurrencies and regularly use social networks to discuss ideas and acquire information from crypto communities.
These individuals use social medias to interact with one another, share and receive opinions, and gain an overview of their assets, which leads them to the future of the cryptocurrency market. We looked into this data because our main focus is interaction, and this audience represents the actual number of people who participate with various social networks on a regular basis.
Social Network
Market Share
With new investors joining the crypto business every minute, these numbers are growing. Our target audience ranges from newbies to skilled investors.

Why Dappsy?

Issue 1: When it comes to investing, most newbies use CoinMarketCap.com and CoinGecko.com as their go-to sites. In most situations, investors wind up buying tokens that may lose value soon enough because the project was already on a solid upside, especially for short-term initiatives.
Our Solution: Dappsy, through its own platform as well as FuelPad, brings all investors to the project's early stages.
Issue 2: Smart Contracts are being deployed and added to Pancakeswap every minute. To maximize their profits, investors aim to purchase as many tokens as possible. The initiative turned out to be a honeypot, and the scammers made off with all of the money.
Our Solution: Only projects that pass our security audits are listed and confirmed by Dappsy. Users who utilize the Contracto.org scanner, on the other hand, may quickly determine whether a smart contract is a honeypot or if the project taxes are high. Most investors have safer investment options in front of them thanks to our offerings.
In these and other events, Dappsy, as a product, assists investors and projects in growing.
Most of our features aim to keep rugs and scammers out of the environment, allowing us to focus on projects that truly need funding and growth.
The majority of investors have been misled by useless projects and disrespectful teams that ban for most simple comments. Most teams do not respond to their investors, and investors must conduct extensive investigation to determine whether the project is providing value in DeFi or not.
All of crypto's power is being squandered by selfish con artists who are unaware of the harm they are causing.
Crypto is here to serve people and revolutionize the planet.

The need for a currency

We didn't want to rely on outside finances and investments to ensure the project's long-term viability, so we built everything around a token as the platform's primary currency.
This currency, particularly for this industry, alters the very concept of how a social network functions.
Twitter just added Bitcoin tips to their platform, and the news spread like wildfire as users loved the new function. Still, we're talking about hints; most people won't be able to use bsc/eth chain tokens or anything like that. Everything will be focused on the most popular altcoins, starting with Bitcoin.
In any case, their advertising strategy is still based on fiat payments, and they do not accept crypto as a form of payment.
Because the entire company's revenue is dependent on this function, adding cryptocurrency for payments only adds to their workload. They'll have to deal with KYC, use standard cryptocurrency wallets, and so on.
They can't just change the platform 180 degrees in one day.
But we can!
Dappsy is more than just a social network; we've created a welcoming environment for new and experienced investors.
We talk about blockchain and cryptocurrencies on Dappsy.
We talk about ATH and ATL on Dappsy.
Graphs are our morning coffee, and the latest crypto news is our breakfast.
Our users are free to use other social media networks for anything else. We're a crypto social network where people from all over the world get together to debate cryptocurrency on a daily basis. Every investor who wishes to follow or invest in new or existing projects will find a home here.
These investors, with whom we interact on a daily basis, require their own decentralized exchange in order to avoid wasting time on swapping.
These investors are looking for fresh projects to invest in as well as possible ventures to invest in.
These investors want to manage their portfolio in one place, without having to update or download multiple wallets to keep track of their holdings' prices.
Most wallets will not display the price until the token has reached 2,5k-5k holders, but we, as a platform, are able to do so.
You have everything in one spot as a Dappsy user.
The usecases for APP token are numerous, ranging from 0% costs on our own dex to the ability to advertise on Dappsy. We only take payments in this currency on our platform; we do not accept payments in BNB, BUSD or USDT.
Contracto.org Scanner will also make use of APP DEX. Users looking for newly released projects on the Contracto.org platform can utilize our APP DEX to trade newly launched tokens. Others who own APP can exchange without paying a cost, while those who do not own APP will have to pay a fee to use our DEX.
As previously stated, the possibilities are endless, and our investors are always on the winning side.

APP Token Tokenomics

Circulating Supply

Tokenomics Tax (Temporary)

Rewards (Reflections)
Liquidity Pool
Marketing Wallet
Our Marketing Wallet: 0xa99e79a2e25555be6176baf18e31e913da279ced
The purpose of this temporary fee is to provide more stability to the liquidity pool while also aiding our holders through reflections (rewards).
Because the rewards are in native token, every APP token transfer will result in a percentage of reflections being sent to your wallet.

Limits on transactions and wallets

Both transactions and wallet holdings are currently limited.
No transaction can be larger than 1% of total supply, and no wallet can contain more than 2% of total supply.
These are the current figures:
Transaction (Buy/Sell/Transfer)
1% (or 1,480,000 APP)
Wallet Holdings
2% (or 2,960,000 APP)
Any transfers or holdings in excess of these amounts will fail. Please make a note of these numbers for future transactions.

Team Wallets

Since the beginning Dappsy has been run by two partners who were entitled to two wallets.
These wallets were:
Team Wallets (Before)
APP Initial Holdings
Wallet 0x35b2acb2004c8ae2ecce6aacc8ecc378a1076125 is now holding a total amount of 136,645 APP Tokens, this, on the other hand, comes from the Contracto.org LP, which was added to Pancakeswap's Dappsy LP.
We've now made these two wallets into four. The reason for the change is that the tokens have been relocated to cold storage, where each founder now has two wallets rather than one. Because existing tokenomics do not enable a wallet to hold more than 2% of the total circulating supply, we sent to a total four.
These wallets are:
Team Wallets (Now)
APP Holdings Now
We have a reserve wallet in addition to the Dev Wallets in case we can avoid platform gas fees by using the reserve wallet for internal user-user transactions. If our development team is unable to fulfill this goal, the Reserve Wallet will be used as a source of supply for APP token to be listed on exchanges.
The reserve wallet is:
Reserve Wallet
APP is not a deflationary token that seeks to increase its value by riding on the backs of investors.
Its total remaining supply of 118,000,000 is fixed as a currency.
The value of an APP increases or decreases based on its use as a currency. Our chart will be moved by demand, and long-term investors will always benefit from our ecosystem
The currency is not being forced to form a value bubble; rather, it is attempting to break through resistance and reach new heights in terms of how many people actually require the token.
The APP token, based on its organic growth, is traded as a store of value by each investor.

It is the foundation of a network of investors and projects that are looking to the future.

The final manual burn

A last burn was performed, bringing the total circulating supply to 118,000,000. This is a good quantity for the platform to run regularly, according to our team and developers.

APP Asset

The APP Token is the currency that entitles you to a share of Dappsy's revenue. Our native token is a currency as well as an asset. APP does not have to be reliant on investor trading, but rather be treated as a valuable asset.

Revenue Share

APP Token Revenue Share
The ad revenue we generate on the platform affects the APP's main value. This revenue share is derived from advertisements placed on the platform by our advertisers. This means that by treating APP token as a currency and asset, all of our token holders will benefit from Dappsy revenue. All other revenues generated by Dappsy, such as transactions, premium subscriptions, or any other form of revenue we propose in the future, will be included in this revenue share.

Revenue Share Data

Ad Net Revenue - Ads, promotions, and other monetization methods generating revenue for the platform.
Expenses - Employees, operating costs, and any other expense that is necessary to keep Dappsy running are examples of company expenses. Rewarding moderators with bounties is also an expense that helps us keep the environment free of spammers, scammers, and other entities.
Treasure - Dappsy, as a platform, requires a treasury in order to adapt to new technologies, improve, or survive.
Revenue Share - This amount will be used to buy back tokens from Liquidity Pool and put it towards expanding our influence. This has a direct impact on the value of APP tokens on both decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Value Percentage Examples

Ad Net Revenue
Revenue Share

Income Statement Example

Revenue Share Example - Dappsy
Y = 150,000$ Monthly Ad Revenue
a = 75,000$ Monthly Expenses
b = 45,000$ Treasury
X = 30,000$ Revenue Share that will be used to buy back APP tokens.
The income statement is to be made public on a monthly basis, when we launch our advertising program on Dappsy.
*The data used to calculate Revenue Share is not set and may change as a result of our revenue results.

Business Landscape


Lwazi is a crypto enthusiast-focused social media platform. The current tokenomics and reflections from Lwazi token show that their investors pay high selling fees. It takes away the profit from investors' holdings based on the current 15% sell on their main token.
Torum is a SocialFi Metaverse platform that brings cryptocurrency communities from all over the world together. Torum, as a centralized crypto social network, offers little to no assistance to newly launched projects. When it comes to finding new projects, most investors still have to rely on DYOR.

Dappsy Advantage

Investors rely on DYOR
Team Audits
High Tax on Tokenomics
Platform launch with 0% tax on tokenomics
No Smart Contract Audits
Contracto.org Smart Contract Audits
No Launchpad
Fuelpad.io Launchpad
Social Media Focused
Investor Focused
Dappsy is a platform that is solely focused on investors, with the goal of providing features to all crypto investors.