A launchpad that brings audits and projects together in one location. Artificial Intelligence scanning mechanics, independent auditing teams for smart contracts, safe investing environment.


DeFi has recently seen a surge in new projects looking to raise funds or launch projects that will add value to the crypto world. Businesses are turning to DeFi as a new way to get funding from all over the world in a matter of hours. The majority of projects have recently been launched in the bsc chain. On Binance Smart Chain, more than 600 projects are deployed every day, according to our findings.
Projects launched in 24h
Throughout our experience, as well as our work with Contracto.org to investigate other projects, we've discovered the hard truth that nearly 90% of our investigations have yielded negative results.
Most smart contracts have been deployed with poor mechanics, some by teams with only a rudimentary understanding of how smart contracts work, and others by con artists looking to steal investors.
Many presales with good contracts have a bad track record, as scammers have taken all of the presale funds. Most launchpads require applications before allowing a project to be run on their platform. Only a selected few have been able to scale and provide a truly decentralized platform for the majority of new projects.
Several measures must be taken to provide more security to investors, ranging from scanning and auditing smart contracts to scanning team backgrounds to see if they are fit for their project's future.


We conducted extensive research as part of our launchpad planning in order to provide the best possible service to our community.
Fuelpad is not a stand-alone project; it is part of a larger ecosystem that includes two other projects.
Dappsy is the ecosystem's first and most important project, which benefits from the other two. We're creating a crypto social network with the goal of uniting all crypto communities. Dappsy is more than just a social network; it has its own set of features that make the entire journey an adventure. Investors will benefit from excellent tools as well as a stable and secure environment for new and experienced investors.
Meanwhile, Contracto.org is the ecosystem's security weapon. We are attempting to protect our own environment as much as possible through our team, auditors, and scanner.
Contracto.org will award a badge to each project that has been audited as part of their auditing package.
All of the projects fit perfectly together to create a fully functional ecosystem in which everything revolves around one another.
  • Fuelpad benefits Dappsy because audited projects are verified and listed on Dappsy as well.
  • Dappsy benefits Fuelpad because all Dappsy communities can participate in presales or new project launches.
  • Contracto.org benefits from Fuelpad because it can audit projects that are looking to gain more investor trust.
  • Contracto.org benefits Fuelpad because most projects will receive a badge, allowing our investors to see which projects have been audited by our team.
In every case, each project's features complement those of the others, and all three contribute to a more sustainable future environment.

What is the benefit of Fuelpad?

The final step in the Yami Network ecosystem is Fuelpad.
It's more of an incubator where teams may deploy smart contracts on BSC, ETH, Polygon, Kucoin, and Avalanche.. Fuelpad is a safe environment that helps projects get funded as well as have stronger and more flexible smart contracts as part of a larger ecosystem.
Our goal is to give better investment prospects for investors as well as more flexibility in reaching out to other chains. The Fuelpad roadmap meets all of the requirements to provide investors and teams with exactly what they want.

For Projects/Teams

  • Investors looking for great projects
  • Safe Environment
  • Flexible Smart Contracts
  • Several Available Chains
  • Cheap setup costs
  • Vesting
  • Link to audit or Contracto.org Badge
  • Telegram Group Alerts

For Investors

  • Dashboard for finding the most recent or popular projects.
  • Tokens with a score that determines their potential.
  • Token Telegram Alerts
  • Detailed information about any project.
  • Holding GAS tokens automatically whitelists your wallet for projects that support whitelisting.
In the future, we plan to introduce more features for both projects and investors. We wish to broaden our chain's reach and offer new smart contracts with diverse mechanisms to assist projects in expanding their capabilities. All of this is accomplished by implementing as many security measures as possible to ensure the safety of our entire environment.

GAS Token as a currency

GAS Token is Fuelpad's native token, with a number of advantages that benefit holders. You will be able to obtain BNB reflections as well as power the entire project in order to fund future investments in other projects using GAS. Fuelpad isn't just another launchpad project giving out its tokens; the tokens you own are the most important part of the equation.
  • If the project uses the whitelisting feature, GAS Token holders are automatically whitelisted and can invest in any listed project on Fuelpad.
  • Reflections in BNB to all holders
  • BNB Reflections from Fuelpad Investments.
  • GAS Liquidity Pool receives the launchpad fees.
More usecases for GAS Token are planned in the future when we bring flexible smart contracts.

GAS Tokenomics

Circulating Supply

Tokenomics Tax (Temporary)

Liquidity Pool
Marketing Wallet
Fuelpad marketing wallet: 0x486df1C875f0b59e2d473aBD8C708b9b685bdf01
*With 10% of the accumulated funds, Fuelpad Marketing wallet will buy back Dappsy APP & Contracto LOCK.

Presale of GAS Tokens

The presale for Fuelpad Gas tokens will take place on March 2nd, 2022.
Total Supply
Tokens for Presale
Tokens for Liquidity
Presale Rate
Listing Rate
Hard Cap
400 BNB

Team Holdings

Launchpad Development Wallet
Investment Fund
Klajdi (James)
Team Member
Team Member
Team Member
Team Member
Team Member
Total team holdings are: 4,600,000 GAS
We can create a chart with all of this data to show all stats to our investors:
Fuelpad Graph

Development Wallet

Our development team has been given a special wallet that is also eligible for BNB rewards. The goal of this wallet is to aid in the development of greater product features and the addition of more usecases to our launchpad.
It is critical to continue developing and expanding into new chains. It takes time to design good and flexible smart contracts, and it is a huge responsibility to offer our smart contracts to other teams and projects. The tokens in this wallet will only be used to compensate our developers.

Investment Wallet

Our investment wallet is the primary wallet that the Fuelpad team will use to make additional investments. Many projects will be launched from our launchpad, in which we will also invest. The goal of this wallet is to raise funds for our team to invest in a variety of projects that we deem appropriate. Apart from the initial investment, the entire return on investment will be used to repurchase Gas tokens. We'll have a stronger pool and higher benefits for our token holders as a result of this.

Vesting Periods

We've determined that both teams and investors will have the identical vesting timeframes.
Tokens will be unlocked every 30 days for the next 9 months, starting with 20% only the first month.
For example, if your total presale holdings are 200,000 GAS, you can collect 20% of 200,000, or 40,000 GAS tokens, in the first month. After that, you can claim 10% of your tokens every month (30 Days).
This method is used to avoid massive dumps on launch and to keep Fuelpad stable.
To be qualified to receive BNB reflects in their wallets, every investor must claim their tokens starting from the first month.
This is the first version of our Fuelpad whitepaper, which will be updated on a regular basis with complete details about the project, including team wallets and other new details.